Worrying about family politics and how to keep everyone else happy

Drowning in To Do items

Stuck on the comparison train and feeling like you’ll be judged for every decision you make


Your energy is spent in a uber low vibe state:

The Wedding Industry is
Full of Shit

Is this really the meaningful journey to marriage you’d imagined?

Are You Ready to
Reclaim Your Wedding?


• Are you raising the next generation of innovators?
• Are you building opportunities for community connection and a better life for all?

• Are you a safe place? A fun house? A vessel for creativity and innovation?

• Are you breaking the cycle and committing to a better version of love than you were modeled?

Alchemy is the process of turning something great into something extraordinary.

Marriage alchemy acknowledges that as individuals you are infinitely powerful and now through this merging together you are becoming unstoppable.

Meet Your Marriage Metamorphosis

Let’s dream it and use the sacred power of your wedding to make it reality.

So, what is it that you will build with this force for good?

it's chemistry, baby

Feel more connected to each other with a better understanding of what you are stepping forward into

Be so crystal clear about what you want that decision making is a breeze and communication flows effortlessly

Have set in motion the energy and intention to make your dreams reality

Imagine reclaiming your wedding experience to BE the cherished journey it’s meant to be.

After completing this program, you'll: 

The Wedding Manifest is a self-guided coaching program to help you create the vision for your dream marriage, then curate a sacred celebration that acts as a manifesto for your desires as you transition into this powerful new phase of your relationship.


Each part of this program will take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete.

Make your declaration as to when you will set aside intentional time to complete all parts. Once a week for three weeks? DIY Marriage Retreat getaway?

Write it down, say it out line, sign your names.

State Your Commitment

How can you honour your special story with sacred ceremony and celebration?

Be guided through the creation of your wedding ceremony and vows, focusing on what needs to be let go and what needs to be called in to make this dream manifest.


How can you weave your values into a celebration that honours the intention for what you’re stepping into?

Visualise and plan a unique-to-you wedding experience that intentionally acknowledges the who, what, where, and why. Think of your wedding as the vision board for your dream marriage — this is where we manifest the magic!


What are you calling in for your future of infinite possibilities?

Discover your relationship values and priorities for how you spend your time, what family means, your financial attitude, and community ideals, then conceive your irresistible vision for the future.


Record your notes, dreams, and creative ideas in the printable Wedding Manifest Workbook.


The Wedding Manifest Program

Coming Soon!

I'm a relationship and transformation coach who helps conscious couples create the life of their dreams.

I’m also a recovering wedding planner. After 10 years witnessing the failures of the modern wedding industry, I created this program to empower you to reclaim the sacredness of what your wedding and journey to marriage should be.
Something I witnessed in my wedding clients and in myself as I grew through my own personal relationships was the challenge of how and when to have the big life conversations — how do you bring up things like conflicting spending habits, parental boundaries, and how you want to raise your kids? Is that like, a date night thing? Should you get a therapist?

The Wedding Manifest is the framework I myself needed for having those conversations. It combines my philosophies of personal growth and spirituality with the powers of ceremony and storytelling to guide your transition into a relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

Hi! I'm Karen

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With so much gratitude,
Kaz xx

I invite you to first enjoy The Wedding Manifest and if you enjoy it to then join me in an energy exchange that feels right for you.

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