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In this podcast, we’re exploring the culture of weddings today, and having the big conversations about what it really means to enter a marriage and cultivate a deeply fulfilling relationship.

Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted

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About Wedding With Intention

A mindful wedding planning guidebook and learning platform to help you find your path to an authentic wedding, and stay there.

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A new way to wed

A New Way to Wed

In this episode, I give you the practical tools for approaching your wedding in an entirely different way so you can:

– Find more enjoyment and ease in the process

– Feel more certain in the decisions you make

– Not feel pressured to do anything you don’t actually want to do

– Design a wedding that truly represents you and your partnership

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We need to talk about weddings

 We Need to Talk About Weddings

After working as a wedding planner for 5 years I noticed that the process of planning a wedding was not as joyful as it was supposed to be.

In this episode, I’m giving you a sneak peek into the contents of my book, Wedding With Intention, as we explore the culture of weddings today and how to find more connection and meaning in our weddings and lives.

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