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Karen Anne Hopkins of Bride Disrupted


I’m Karen. 9 Years Ago, I Accidentally Became a Wedding Planner.

I very quickly noticed:

  • Weddings have all of these “rules” that simply must be followed (this is a lie, by the way)
  • Couples were focused more on what they should do rather than what they actually wanted
  • Couples wanted my permission to break from tradition, they'd ask things like “Do we really have to do a first dance?”
  • Couples didn’t know how to have the tough conversations (which meant our sessions often felt a lot like couples therapy)
  • Wedding planning actually sucked and caused a lot of relationship tension (both within and external to the engaged pair)

This happened so frequently I knew I had to start a bigger conversation!

Now, I’m on a quest to change weddings for the better.

What authority do I have to speak as an expert about your wedding? 

Well, I have no more or less authority than any other website or expert you visit on this journey.

The truth is, you are the only authority about what is right for your wedding

I’m just here to help you to see that.

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