Calling All COUPLES Who Want To Have AN UNFORGETTABLE Wedding

Let me guess, you want to:

  • Honour your relationship in a way that feels authentic to you
  • Create an one-of-kind party without upsetting your parents or spending 10x more than you wanted
  • Celebrate with all of your favourite people without feeling guilty for excluding anyone
  • Actually enjoy the planning process
Non traditional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted

Why is this so fucking hard!

But right now you're scrolling Pinterest feeling

  • Pressured to plan a wedding that looks a certain way because you'll be judged if you don't
  • Taken advantage of by pushy sales tactics like "You only get one chance!"
  • Overwhelmed by all of the opinions and the pressure to keep everyone around you happy
  • Confused about what you actually want and therefore questioning every single decision you make


The Wedding Industry Pressures You To Focus on Your Wedding Styling

But those endless wedding planning checklists don't tell you how to...

  • Figure out which items are truly important to you
  • Navigate your parents opinions and wishes when they don't match your own
  • Manage your insecurities about your appearance and what people think of you
  • Communicate openly with your partner and stay connected when the hard stuff comes up

It's no wonder you're completely off-track and have no idea how to get back!

"Fuck the checklists!"


And I've got a better way

bride disrupted non traditional wedding ideas

Imagine, you glide into your wedding feeling...

  • Radiant and completely at ease about the details
  • Unconditionally loved and supported by your community
  • Confident and excited to celebrate in your own unique way
  • Deeply connected to your partner and your shared vision for the future


Enter wedding with intention

A mindful wedding planning guidebook and community
to help you find your path to an authentic wedding, and stay there

Now, let's try this on for size, Imagine...

  • Before you go barreling into mindlessly completing those tasks on your wedding planning checklist, you first sit together and decide what’s actually important to you
  • Before you involve your parents in any conversations, you decide how much involvement you actually want them to have
  • Before you plan a wedding that costs $36,000 because that’s just what you’re supposed to do, you talk about how you value money and realistically discuss the other important purchases you have coming up
  • Before you include a bunch of traditions that have no real meaning to you, you talk about what marriage means and find new ceremonies and rituals to embody that

That's what you'll get with this book

Wedding With Intention book review

I'm truly obsessed!

Karen allows you to evaluate every decision and determine whether it follows what you value as a couple

This is an interactive experience that will allow you to recognize what is genuinely meaningful in all this wedding planning mess focused on consumerism and etiquette. A true must-have for any newly engaged couple!

Finally, there is a wedding planning book that aligns with an intentional lifestyle and completely puts the focus on you.

— Carly

Wedding with Intention book review

It makes you think about the WHY of it all

I wish I had this book 5 months ago when I started planning our wedding because I think it would’ve helped me navigate through many headaches I’ve already had, and I probably would’ve fought harder for some of my vision that unfortunately I’ve already given up since I didn’t really have it defined.

It’s not forcing you into a cookie cutter wedding. It’s not sharing cheesy, cliche “unconventional” ideas that are really just more materialistic than the original traditions. It walks you through so many hard parts of wedding planning in the very beginning!

I think EVERY couple needs this book so that we as consumers can put MEANING back into weddings.

— Kaylyn

Wedding with Intention book review

It arms readers with the tools necessary to cut through the societal bullshit!

Wedding with Intention’ gives permission to couples who feel trapped by the madness of the wedding industry to instead plan a celebration that is reflective of who they really are, quirks and all.

Karen breathes fresh air into old traditions and arms readers with the tools necessary to cut through the societal bullshit and determine what is truly important to them, not only for their ‘big day’, but also in their relationship for years to come.

I’ll be gifting this to all my newly engaged friends, and can hear their sighs of relief already.

— Jaime


Here's how we'll do it:


Get the Book

You get your hands on a copy of my game-changing book, Wedding With Intention.


No-Headache Wedding Planning

We work through the exact steps for creating the wedding of your dreams using my step by step framework.



You have the most amazing wedding ever and glide into married life like, “Let’s freaking do this!”

Peek Inside

Your guide to an unforgettable wedding includes...

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for how to design a totally unique celebration
  • Worksheets and conversation starters to help you figure out:
    - What you really care about
    - How to talk to your parents
    - Where to spend your budget
  • Pre-written scripts for handling awkward conversations
  • Practical tools for setting boundaries to keep you feeling grounded and in control
  • Wedding Industry Truthbombs to keep you from getting carried away with the hype

Want In?

Buy now and you'll also get:

12 Months Access to our Private Community for FREE — 

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Wedding planning book and online course, Bride Disrupted

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Monthly Workshops - $499 value

Monthly workshops on wedding and marriage planning.

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It's time weddings got a refresh

Karen Anne Hopkins, Author, Bride Disrupted

Hi! I’m Karen

Wedding & Relationship Coach

I work with couples who want to find deeper significance in their weddings.

I show them how to create a meaningful celebration by giving them a step-by-step framework to design a wedding that’s grounded in their values and their vision for their future.

After spending five years as a wedding planner I’ve seen first-hand how challenging this journey can be.

My mission is to make it easier for you by giving you the tools to help you:

  • Figure out what’s important to you
  • Communicate and understand each other better
  • Navigate the external influences of family and social pressure
  • Lay the foundations that your marriage will be built on


It’s the perfect relationship, life, and wedding coach all rolled into one!

We had a long engagement, lost our first venue five months before our wedding date, and ended up postponing for two years! Thank god we found Karen and Wedding with Intention. We discovered a lot about ourselves along the way, and planned the best wedding EVER!

— Katie

Wedding with Intention book review

The MARRIAGE itself is really the most important thing — this book helped to remind us of that

When you get engaged and start planning a wedding your next thoughts tend to go towards whether you want to start a family and when!!

It’s so easy to be excited for the wedding and the ceremony and the party that the idea of being married to this one person forever gets kind of lost.

This book brought us back to reality.

— Carolyn

Wedding with Intention book review

You need this book so you don't end up spending $35,000 on a wedding you hate.

Karen really breaks down how to create a wedding that is authentic and meaningful to you and your partner, whether that’s a totally off beat wedding or a typical wedding bash. Loved it!

— Tracy

Frequently Asked Q's

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Not right now. However, the ebook and audiobook versions are available via our private community. Once purchased, you’ll be emailed access to the community right away.

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The audio can be listened to on any device connected to the interwebs — I’m thinking in the car during the drive to your romantic weekend getaway where you plan on filling in the book’s worksheets… Sound nice?

Sure is!

This book is for lovers and  weddings of all kinds, shapes and sizes. 

We’re here to see the bride-focused structure of this industry dismantled!

Your book will be printed especially for you when you order it — pretty cool right? I love the idea that each one is unique, and once you’ve added your own words onto the pages it will truly be one-of-a-kind! But I digress…

It takes up to 7 business days to print each book. Shipping takes anywhere from 2 – 16 business days, depending on which option you select and which country you live in.

Earlier this year I met a bride who said she needed the book ASAP. So I made it my business to get it in her hands ASAP!

Send me an email and we can work something out for you, support@bridedisrupted.com

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Lulu was founded by a Canadian entrepreneur with the mission of helping other entrepreneurs to publish their books easily. It sure feels good to support a business who keeps the environment top of mind and one that supports other small businesses!

Wedding with Intention, by Karen Anne Hopkins
Wedding with Intention, by Karen Anne Hopkins
Wedding with Intention, by Karen Anne Hopkins

My Exposé on the Real Truth Behind Wedding Traditions

Hint: They’re not what you think.

Real-Talk Moments and the Occasional F-bomb

Because the last thing you need is somebody else telling you what you’re supposed to do.

Worksheets For Everything

To help you get clear on what you actually care about.

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Create A Unique Wedding Ceremony

No same-old ceremony template. Yours will be memorable AF.

Fun Activities

For figuring out your guilt-free guest list and wedding timeline.

Pre-written scripts for how to handle awkward conversations

Because wedding planning brings up all the icky stuff!

Essential questions to ask your vendors

To make sure you get the right team behind you.

Room for making checklists and taking notes

It’s a journal and workbook for all your ideas, take it with you everywhere!

76% of couples wish they'd done their wedding differently

Do you want to enter your marriage with regret and uncertainty?

Purchase today and join the growing list of couples who dared to dive deep and chose a better way to celebrate their epic love story!


Wedding with Intention
$ 19 USD
  • PDF eBook
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Hardcover Book

Wedding with Intention
$ 34 USD
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Hardcover Book & Coaching with Karen

Wedding with Intention
$ 119 USD
  • Private 1-hour Coaching Call with Karen
  • Hardcover Book, 370 pages
  • 12 months Access to our Private Community
  • Regular group coaching calls
  • PDF eBook
  • Audiobook
  • Money Saving Masterclass
  • Photography Webinar

Money Back Guarantee

Now that you’re engaged, it feels like everyone just wants a piece of your paycheck, right?

That is SO not cool, and that is SO not my jam.

If my book doesn’t make your wedding planning easier, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Wedding with Intention book review

So refreshing and about time!

Karen has done a fabulous job of blowing the top off all the wedding madness and providing an incredibly authentic and personal experience, focused on YOU TWO!

— Josie

Wedding with Intention book review

I feel free — that I don't have to follow the traditions of a "normal" wedding

We had no idea where to start with our wedding plans and this book was just what we needed! Looking forward to putting these tips into practice!

— Joanna

Wedding With Intention Review

It’s the ultimate wedding guide!

This book covers everything — from why you’re even having a wedding in the first place to the nitty gritty logistics involved in planning an event. 

It’s packed with logistical information and personal tips written in a fun loving, light hearted way. 

I’ll be gifting this book to all my engaged pals for years to come!

— Emily

Want a sneak peEk?

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Your wedding, your rituals

Wedding planning book: Wedding With Intention - by Karen Anne Hopkins
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