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Advantages of a Small Wedding vs. a Big Wedding

The most popular 2020 wedding trend is without a doubt the rise of small weddings, and with the many advantages of small weddings, I predict they're here to stay.

Here are 3 advantages to small weddings that will have you forgetting you ever planned a big party in no times!

Advantages of Small Weddings


Advantages of a Small Wedding vs. a Big Wedding

Though it may not have been planned that way, the most popular 2020 wedding trend is without a doubt the rise of small weddings, and with the many advantages of small weddings, I predict they’re here to stay.

Now I know that you might have had your heart set on a big, traditional wedding and that the pivot to a smaller wedding may feel disappointing, but let me just promise you one thing; your wedding will be special and amazing no matter how you celebrate.

And if that’s not enough to convince you that small weddings are infinitely better, let me share with you 3 advantages of small weddings you may not have considered.

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1. Stress Less About Your Wedding Details

Let me lay it out for you straight: the bigger the wedding, the bigger the stress.

It doesn’t matter how much budget you have to spend on wedding planners or wedding decor, the truth is that if you’re having a big wedding you’ll be faced with a HUGE amount of wedding logistics to organise.

And when you’re wedding planning time is spent stressing out about the details, it means you have less time and energy to focus on the more important elements: like your wedding ceremony and the experience you wish to take from it.

2. Small Wedding Guestlists Are Better 

Another advantage of having a small wedding is the ability to intentionally choose the most special people in your life that you’d like to attend.

The reality of having a large wedding guestlist means you really don’t get much time to interact with everyone. Saying “Thanks for coming” to your 100 wedding guests over the course of your 8-hour wedding day (which is really only 4-hours when you take out all of the duties you have to perform) means your interactions with guests is limited to 2-3 minutes per person.

This is hardly enough time for a meaningful exchange… Think about the last wedding you went to and your interactions with the couple; “OMG I love your dress! You look amazing! Are you having fun?”. See what I mean?

 I’ll bet there are also a handful of folks that made it onto your big wedding guestlist that weren’t really your #1 choice — a little family politics at play, perhaps? Keeping your wedding guestlist to an intimate few means only the most important people will be there to support you and share your special moments.

3. Save Money with a Small Wedding

Let’s face it, we could all use some extra cash in our lives.

Whether the global pandemic has you worried about the future of our economies or even job security, or whether you just have other things in your life where a chunk of cash could support you, you may not feel like spending $20,000+ on your wedding day.

It may seem like you need to spend a lot of money in order to match the significance of this event in your lives, but let me promise you something else: just because you spend less on your wedding, doesn’t mean that your wedding’s value becomes less!

Your wedding will still be special no matter how big or small.


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