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How to Stop A Spotify Playlist from Crashing Your Wedding

Wondering if you should hire a professional wedding DJ or band, or go for the cheaper, Spotify playlist option? Here are some things to consider before making your decision.

Creating a spoitfy playlist for your wedding


How to Stop A Spotify Playlist from Crashing Your Wedding

When it comes to entertainment at your wedding, should you hire a professional wedding DJ or band or go the Spotify playlist route? Let’s explore.

How Important is Your Wedding Dance Party?

When you envision your wedding, do you imagine your guests will be dancing up a storm into the wee hours of the morning? Or do you see the music taking more of a backseat, simply providing ambiance while you mingle with your guests?

This is really important.

If you don’t see music forming a central part to the experience guests will have at your wedding celebration then you can probably skip this one, but if you want to see your guests droppin’ it like it’s hot until the lights come on, then read on.

Music Can Make or Break a Wedding Party

Going the Spotify playlist route can mean long periods of silence between tracks or awkward song choices that fail to read the energy of the room—which can lead to a very lonely looking dance floor.

You may end up with drunk friends stopping songs halfway through, guests with varying music tastes making decisions for everyone “No Uncle Bill! We’ve already heard Summer of 69!”, and the party can come to a screaming halt when power fails, speakers are knocked over, or someone spills their vodka soda on them (ya, that’s happened.)

Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding DJ or Band?

A professional DJ or band has the skills to keep your party pumping. They know how to read a crowd and play the right songs so that when Grandma June wants to get up and dance there’s a song appropriate for her, at the same time, they know the perfect moment to bring it down real slow or to drop the latest pop hit.

Wedding Real Talk

Remember back to the last wedding you went to. What was it that you woke up to remember the very next day? Was it something like, “Oh my goodness didn’t you just love the table decor?” or more like “Do you remember when Danny did The Worm and almost broke his nose?? Best dance party ever!”

If you do want to get down on your wedding day, skip the wedding playlist from Spotify and hire yourself a professional. You won’t regret it.

One Last Thing!

I’ve created some wedding planning Spotify playlists to help get you through your wedding planning journey!

Check them out!


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