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How to Plan a Small Wedding | Things to Consider

With the global pandemic forcing you to rethink big wedding plans, how can you create a small, beautiful, and intentional wedding experience that goes beyond the Zoom or video call ceremony?
How to plan a small wedding


How to Plan a Small Wedding | Things to Consider

With the global pandemic forcing you to rethink big wedding plans, how can you create a small, beautiful, and intentional wedding experience that goes beyond the Zoom or video call ceremony?

The global pandemic has forced the cancellation or postponement of thousands of weddings all over the world.

This phenomenon has awakened couples to reevaluate their priorities when it comes to their wedding planning.

But that’s not as simple as it sounds, especially when you’ve had a vision of having that big traditional wedding for so long. How do you even begin to scale down your wedding plans? In this post I’ll guide you through the steps for creating an intimate wedding experience.

How to Plan A Small Wedding and What Are the Things You Should Consider?

Here’s a short video to help you in your decision making process!

1. Remember the True Purpose of a Wedding

The true purpose of a wedding is to take pause, reflect, and to acknowledge the transition from one life phase to the next.

To celebrate the decision you’ve made to be married and to set intentions for your future life together.

Nowhere does it state your wedding has to include a large, extravagant party in order to get it “right”. The truth is, your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, and, it will be memorable however you celebrate. 

2. Combine Your Values and Quirks and Make it an Experience

Now you know there are no rules for what your wedding “must” include, consider your wedding celebration design to be a blank canvas.

Sit down with your fiance and talk about your relationship. What is it that makes your relationship special or unique?

What are your values?  What aspect of the relationship brings out the best in both of you? What are the activities you both enjoy doing?

Think about these aspects and how you can design a small wedding experience that combines and celebrates these unique aspects of your relationship.

Your wedding could be a camping trip in the woods, a BBQ party, even a Karaoke night with your family and besties.

The options are limitless. There’s no wrong way to craft a wedding experience.

3. Design Your Vows 

Just like with your wedding in general, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding vows. 

Albeit there are likely some legal clauses that you have to include in your wedding vows to make it official under the law — but you can design the rest of your wedding ceremony to be whatever you want it to be!

So how do you craft unique wedding vows, exactly?

Consider what is most important to your union. What are the challenges you’ve experienced together that have helped you to build a solid foundation?

What are your values and what is it that you want to manifest to take forward in your relationship after the wedding?

How can you weave your intentions and affirmations that you share for each other into the statements and vows you read to each other and your community?

4. Choosing an Intimate Wedding Guestlist

Your initial wedding plan might have included upwards of 100 guests.

And there’s a good chance there were more than a handful of people on the list who were invited out of courtesy (or family politics!) like Great Aunt Beatrice, your Grandfather’s cousin twice removed.

By planning a small wedding, you can skip the guest-guilt and instead choose an intimate group to share in your celebration.

Think about the people that mean the most to you — those people that you know will bring intentional purpose to your event. They’re the ones you’ve got on speed dial when things are going great in your life or when things are quite the opposite. 

The beauty of a smaller wedding means you’ll have more than enough time to interact with everyone in a more meaningful way, instead of a whole of quicks hellos, hugs, and photo ops.

And since these people are the ones you interact with most, you’ll be able to continually reminisce about your small wedding together for the years to come.

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how to plan a small wedding




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