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The New Coronavirus Wedding Trend is a Small Wedding

With social distancing and a ban on mass gatherings enforced, some exciting new trends for how couples conduct and plan their weddings are evolving.
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The New Coronavirus Wedding Trend is a Small Wedding

With social distancing and a ban on mass gatherings enforced, it may not be possible to have a big “traditional” wedding again for now or the near future. As a result, some exciting new trends for how couples conduct and plan their weddings are taking place.

Thousands of couples are forced to rethink their wedding plans in order to adjust to the new normal, with many having either postponed or canceled their weddings because of the coronavirus.

 As much as you want to celebrate your wedding day with as many loved ones as possible, prioritizing each other’s health is of the utmost importance during the global pandemic. 

With this in mind, the rise of new, coronavirus-approved wedding trends has sparked conversations among millions of engaged couples.

Small Intimate Weddings are Here to Stay

This coronavirus wedding trend for smaller events will likely result in a big financial loss for the wedding industry as a whole but will be a big win for couples.

Let’s face it, the billion-dollar wedding industry profits on the illusion of show and extravagance of what a wedding “should” be.

Couples are frequently convinced they must spend up big on their weddings in order to have their Pinterest wedding dreams come true, despite half of married couples regretting paying for expensive weddings later on in their lives.

Now with the global pandemic in action and not a lot of choice to have a large event, couples are beginning to realize that they don’t need a big wedding, after all.

Although at first, this news can feel disappointing, many are coming to realize that the hundreds of guests, an expensive wedding dress, and formal dinner are not exactly a necessity for having a sentimental and meaningful wedding experience.

What matters is the intention behind the experience — the purpose of your wedding. By ditching the plans for a big wedding, you’re able to focus more on the more important aspects of your union; your love and commitment for each other and your dreams for your future life together.

With less time spent focusing on the huge amount of logistics that go into planning a large wedding, small weddings offer more spaciousness for you to focus on the more meaningful aspects of your wedding experience.

Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable AF

Given the trend of smaller weddings is still on the rise, it can be difficult to even imagine what an intimate celebration might look like once stripped of the details of a larger event.  

So how do you plan a small wedding that just as memorable, without all of the details exactly? My new book is packed full of ideas to show you how to do just that.

My new non-traditional wedding planning book is free for you to download and will help you with guidance and ideas for dreaming up ways to celebrate your wedding, no matter the size of your guestlist or budget.

Download it now.


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