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Why Big Weddings Aren’t As Amazing As You Think They Are

For years you've dreamed of the "Big White Wedding", but do these big weddings really live up to the hype?

It's time to challenge your beliefs about the "traditional" approach to weddings and open your mind to new possibilities.

Big wedding vs small wedding


Why Big Weddings Aren’t As Amazing As You Think They Are

It’s time to challenge your beliefs about the “traditional” approach to weddings and open your mind to new possibilities.

Here’s the real talk about big weddings that you won’t find on other wedding blogs…

1. You’re Groomed to Think You Want a Big Wedding

    • Ever since you were young, you’ve been groomed through TV, films, and media to think that having a big wedding is the only way to have a wedding.
    • Through advertising, you’re convinced that you not only really, really want the big wedding but you’re also led to believe that there’s something wrong with you if we don’t want to do a big wedding. Perhaps since you’ve found your way here you can resonate with that feeling?
    • This conditioning can make you feel as though you’re not taking a relationship seriously if you don’t spend a small fortune on your wedding, as if it’s not the real deal.

Of course, just because the marketers and the large industry publishing platforms want you to believe this to be true, it still doesn’t mean it’s really what you want. 

2. Planning a Big Wedding Kinda Sucks 

    • The amount of time and energy required to plan any large event is HUGE.  Whether you’re experienced at planning events or not, the sheer volume of logistics to manage is going to start to eat up a lot of your spare time and will inevitably cause stress.  
    • If you’re not used to dropping large amounts of money for large events on the regular, as the numbers in your wedding budget start to add up there is an undeniable sense of discomfort. 
    • Being overly focused on the logistics and details of your wedding means you miss out on the opportunity to put time and energy into planning the more intimate and sentimental aspects of your celebration — like your ceremony and the experience as a whole. 

The more time spent focused on the details means less time spent on creating the experience and sentimental aspects of your wedding — which is really the purpose for having a wedding all. 

3. The Actual Wedding Is Not As Fun As You Think

    • With so much pressure to focus on the details, the lead-up to your wedding is likely to be accompanied by a lot of stress and anxiety. Often it’s on the wedding day where the months of overwhelm come tumbling down, causing a huge adrenaline crash that doesn’t allow you to be fully present on the day and enjoy everything you’ve been cultivating.
    • It may seem like the “more guests the merrier”, but the reality is that having 80+ guests at your wedding means there really isn’t much time to interact with anyone for long. This dilutes your interaction with your friends and loved to small talk and a quick photo, rather than a meaningful exchange. 
    • Again, because your energy has been so focused on the planning aspects and just trying to keep everyone happy, you’ll now spend your wedding day playing host and making sure that everyone is having a good time, rather than being focused on your own experience.

So while you may be feeling disappointed that your big wedding can no longer happen as planned, rest assured that it may not have been all that you expected anyway! 

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