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2020 Wedding Trends for Non Traditional Weddings

The Pantone color of the year has been announced does that mean that you should be going and changing all of your bridesmaids dress colors and tablecloths to classic blue?

No this is not that kind of wedding trend video. These are trends for couples who are taking a more non-traditional approach to their weddings and looking for a more intentional and meaningful approach to their celebrations.

2020 Wedding Trends Video


2020 Wedding Trends for Non Traditional Weddings


This is wedding real talk for couples who want less fluff and meaning in weddings, relationships, and their lives.

Today we’re talking about 2020 wedding trends… the Pantone color of the year has been announced does that mean that you should be going and changing all of your bridesmaids dress colors and tablecloths to classic blue?

No this is not that kind of wedding trend video. These are trends for couples who are taking a more non-traditional approach to their weddings and looking for a more intentional and meaningful approach to their celebrations.

2020 Wedding Trend #1: Smaller Budgets

Couples are becoming more savvy about what they’re spending their money on and the true value of what a one day or a few hours
worth of partying really means to them when they have the whole rest of their lives to consider and the financial investments that they have coming up for them.

For a really long time we’ve been bombarded with advertisements and messaging that says the only way to have a wedding is to spend $30,000, no matter what country you’re in that seems to be the price tag, and invite 120 of your closest friends.

But as we become more aware of the world around us, we become more sustainable in our practices and more mindful in the way that we live our lives, I think we’re gonna see that changing.

We’re going to be using our budgets for more important things in our lives like investing for our future or investing in our families and children and perhaps putting that money towards important to your lives right now like buying your first home or taking six months off to have the best honeymoon ever.

So smaller budgets and with smaller budgets of course becomes smaller guest lists…

2020 Wedding Trend #2: Smaller Guest Lists

Again, I see couples becoming more intentional with the decisions that they’re making. So rather than just blanket inviting all of the people that they’ve ever had in their lives and feeling like they HAVE to include everyone that you ever went to school with, or every neighbor you ever had, or every former best friend that you had in your entire life…

Couples are taking a more intentional approach by being really clear about who they’re inviting to their wedding and why.

It’s no longer about keeping up appearances and about making your parents happy or just trying to keep the peace among old friends in order to have an intentional wedding celebration.

You need to be really clear about who you’re inviting and why. So forget the pity invites, smaller guest lists are in!

2020 Wedding Trend #3: More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Weddings

The next 2020 wedding that trend is a move towards more sustainable and eco-friendly weddings. I think we’re all beginning to realize just how much pressure our consumer habits put on this planet and weddings seem to be the last industry to have escaped this disruption and awareness.

We’re going to start to see couples who making more conscious efforts to be more sustainable with the choices that they make for their weddings, for example, using less single-use items like wedding dresses.

We’re going to see more recycled, reused, up-cycled wedding dresses from either sites where you can rent wedding dresses as opposed to buying them and just wearing them once and letting them hang in your closet for the rest of eternity, purchasing secondhand wedding dresses from places like Facebook marketplace, or just choosing to wear a lovely outfit that you already own because you don’t have to go out and buy something brand new for this day.

We’re going to see a cutback in printed invitations as a result and printed items that you might find at a typical wedding for example wedding menus or ceremony programs.

We live in a digital world now we are all connected to our devices 24/7 and so guaranteed that your guests are actually going to probably prefer it if you provide them with the information that they need digitally so that when they’re running late to your wedding and they can’t find the address because they left the physical invitation stuck to their fridge they’re gonna be glad that you actually set them a digital invite instead.

The same goes for printed menus and ceremony programs. Having a digital version of those that people can access on their phones or in just one single place like a big sign or board where people can all consume the content there together at once rather than having to have 100 individually printed items.

Looking at more sustainable food and menus at weddings, so choosing to work with caterers who work with sustainable farmers and suppliers for the produce that they bring into your celebration.

And overall just having less on the menu because there’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a celebration and having piles and piles of leftover food that just goes to waste.

2020 Wedding Trend #4: Wedding Re-dos

And the last wedding trend for 2020 is wedding redos.

I have spoken to so many people who say that they had their first wedding because it was the one that their parents wanted to have.

It wasn’t exactly the kind of wedding that they had in mind for themselves. As the years progress and couples have already been married for five ten years they’re really looking to make that commitment again renew their vows and do a wedding redo the way that they actually wanted to do it in the first place.

Whether that’s running off to Vegas and being married by Elvis having an intimate ceremony on the beach with themselves or eloping to somewhere cool and exotic, we are going to be seeing more wedding redos in 2020.

Now I’m sure you’re going to come across a whole bunch of other posts about wedding trends for 2020 and they’re going to tell you that it’s extravagant florals or wedding llamas or food trucks at your reception or all manner of consumerist and over-the-top trend items but let me tell you that that stuff just isn’t important.

What’s important is you and your partner and your loved ones and the way that YOU decide to celebrate in a way that feels meaningful to you. So don’t be afraid to skip over those other more consumerist trends that you come across and just go for the ones that feel right for you.


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Lastly, just remember my number one piece of wedding advice — don’t let anyone tell you what to do. There is no right way to plan a wedding and what’s right for somebody else you may not be right for you.

You are the only two people who can decide what’s best for you.




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