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Your wedding NEEDS a purpose, not a plan

Before you get swept up in a frenzy of consumerism and wedding-nonsense, your wedding needs a purpose. What’s that? Read on to find out!
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What is the Purpose of a Wedding?

If you look at the traditional, mainstream opinion, the purpose of having a wedding is to celebrate your decision to be married by way of a party.

For me, this definition doesn’t quite cut the mustard as I believe the purpose of a wedding is so much more than that.

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Advantages of Small Weddings

Advantages of a Small Wedding vs. a Big Wedding

The most popular 2020 wedding trend is without a doubt the rise of small weddings, and with the many advantages of small weddings, I predict they’re here to stay.

Here are 3 advantages to small weddings that will have you forgetting you ever planned a big party in no times!

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How to set your wedding budget

How to Set A Wedding Budget

Whether you have $5,000 or $30,000 you can plan a wedding that feels good to you just by taking the time to think about where you’re at financially and what feels comfortable based on your unique situation.

Forget the wedding blogs that tell you that the average wedding cost is $30,000, let’s explore the things you should consider when setting a budget for your wedding that feels right for YOU!

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The First Step to Planning a Non Traditional Wedding video thumbnail

The First Step to Planning A Non Traditional Wedding

You’re engaged congratulations!

You’re probably now wondering how the hell you’re going plan this wedding… Where to begin? What is the very first step you should take?

Well read on because the first step to planning your non traditional wedding is probably not what you think!

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2020 Wedding Trends Video

2020 Wedding Trends for Non Traditional Weddings

The Pantone color of the year has been announced does that mean that you should be going and changing all of your bridesmaids dress colors and tablecloths to classic blue?

No this is not that kind of wedding trend video. These are trends for couples who are taking a more non-traditional approach to their weddings and looking for a more intentional and meaningful approach to their celebrations.

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Unconventional wedding inspiration

3 Simple Ways to Have A Wedding That Gives Back

For decades, weddings have been caught up in a frenzy of mindless spending as a result of the overwhelming pressure to throw an extravagant affair and one-up your best friend’s wedding.

Now, our generation is making huge shifts by finding ways to include meaningful and charitable aspects into their wedding ceremonies.

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How to have a sustainable wedding

How to Have A Sustainable Wedding

Let’s call it like it is: weddings aren’t exactly the most environmentally-friendly of occasions. With what can seem like a never-ending trail of waste, the question begs to be asked:

What can we do to make our wedding celebrations more environmentally conscious and sustainable?

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Wedding planning on a budget

How To Plan A Wedding Without Going Broke

Did you know that in the US, the average cost of a wedding is $33,000 (!!) and while everyone’s tolerance level will be different, $33,000 could feel like a lot of money to spend on just one gathering when there are a number of competing priorities in your life. So it’s important to be practical when tackling this tricky budgeting business. 

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Wedding guest list

Who Should You Not Invite To Your Wedding?

It doesn’t feel good to list and prioritize the people in your life. Once you start getting serious about creating your wedding guest list, you might realize that this social challenge is not only logistical, it can also be pretty emotional. Creating an Intentional Guest List is more important than you might think. Read on for how to get real about who to invite to your unique wedding.

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Why are weddings so expensive?

Why Are Wedding Vendors So Damn Expensive?

You’re not wrong when you say that wedding vendors can charge a lot. It’s also true that weddings can be 24-carat gold expensive. But, before you grab your protest sign and mega phone, I have to tell you something honestly — the reason wedding vendors charge what they do is for good reason.

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How to plan a wedding that's true to you

Your Wedding Needs a Purpose, Not a Plan

When you consider that the decision to get married is made in private, between the two people at the centre of it, it is humorous to think that the process of planning a wedding tends to take an approach more akin to “design by committee”.

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Unconventional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted

The Surprising Secret For How To Have The Perfect Wedding

When you start planning a wedding in today’s world, it becomes painstakingly clear that you simply must have bespoke paper invitations hand-addressed by a calligrapher, you absolutely have to have cute gifts for your guests to take home, and of course, you have to have a dress for the ceremony AND another for the reception. Don’t even think about not having an open bar! So, where exactly do you have the room to express what you really value when you are constantly busy fulfilling someone else’s ideal wedding plan?

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Parents and wedding planning

The Parent Trap — How To Stop Parents Interfering In Your Wedding Plans

The entanglement of your parent’s expectations and your own is a complicated symphony of nostalgia, social norms, and ego. So it’s not surprising to find that the complexity runs so deep that you may not even know where your true desires start and your parents desires end. So many couples say that they have simply “given in” to the pressures of their parents, but remember, my friend — it’s your wedding, so it also needs to be rooted in your rituals.

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Unconventional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted

Your Wedding Shouldn’t Be The Best Day of Your Life

From the time you were old enough to consume media and films, you have been bombarded with an image of what your “big day” should look like. That “big day” I’m talking about is your wedding. The media has successfully fooled us into believing that wedding happiness looks like a cookie-cutter Disney princess movie, with a heavy dose of blush-toned Pinterest boards. Keep reading to find out why your wedding should not be the best day of your life.

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Nobody cares about your wedding

Stop Worrying About Other People’s Opinions of Your Wedding

Somewhere along the line, weddings got tied up in the desire to make everything, including yourself, absolutely “perfect”. The trouble with trying to plan the perfect wedding is the inevitable fear of getting something wrong or worse, fear that people will judging you for your decisions.

If you’re ready to leave those uncomfortable feelings behind and instead feel free to plan your wedding your way, then read on!

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Wedding Playlist

The Best Wedding Playlists

Looking for the best wedding playlists? Look no further!

Whether you need a playlist for your wedding ceremony, reception, or music for walking down the aisle, we’ve got you covered with these curated Spotify wedding playlists!

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Unconventional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted

Exposed: The Ugly Truth About Wedding Traditions

We are a generation of self proclaimed rebels; we express our individuality loud and proud. We have taken it upon ourselves to disrupt just about all aspects of life as our parents, and their parents, knew it to be. Astonishingly though, we still avoid the big questions when it comes to weddings: why the customs and traditions from thousands of years ago are still relevant and whether they should be practiced at all. 

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Bride says no to wedding etiquette

The One Thing You Need To Know About Proper Wedding Etiquette

When it comes to planning your ultimate celebration of love, you don’t need to follow any rules but your own. Learn how our societal traditions surrounding wedding etiquette can impact your plans for an unconventional wedding. Saying no to the status quo of yesterday’s traditions, and saying yes to today’s age of unique wedding planning for you, the unconventional bride.

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