I research culture, communication, and relationships and bring you stories to help you better understand yourself and the world around you. Intuitive coach, business visionary and consultant, and speaker.


Creative Visionary
& Storyteller

• Step away from the business of household activities and find deeper connection over intimate conversations and explorations 

• Recalibrate what you seek to create together, let go of old stories, and set the vision for your united future

• Seal your experience with a sacred ceremony to make your dreams manifest

explorE yourselves and EACH OTHER as you evolve your partnership into its next season

Couples Soul Retreat & Ceremony

• Rethink the way you work and why you do it

• Rebuild systems and processes

• Invite creative play into your business experience


Business Visioning

• Explore yourself through creative play, personal inquiry, and sacred ceremony activities curated to support your intentions

• Expect deep soul reflection and to be challenged as we remove any blocks that stand in the way of uncovering and living your soul's purpose


Soul Retreat

There are stories that define you and there are stories that confine you.

By recalibrating your inner-compass and learning to take back control of your story, you reconnect to your hero's journey and reclaim the life aligned to your souls' greatest purpose.

Let us explore who you are.

For there are many stories that brought you here, but the rest is still unwritten. 

Your Life is Created
by Your Stories

Creative visionary, executive producer,
director, intuitive coach, storyteller

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Energy Exchange

What's your story?

Calling BS on pushy, wedding marketing tactics and helping you to reclaim the sacredness of your journey to marriage.

Reclaiming  Weddings


A self-guided program for aligning your
marriage values and designing your
sacred celebration and ceremony.

Wedding Manifest

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Often when we are in disagreement with another, it is because our judgment of that person is preventing us from staying curious to the other person's perspective. In defence of upholding our beliefs, we tend to diminish them to a stereotype and allow ourselves to make broad assumptions about what we think we know of them based on this view. 

Where do stereotypes come from? How do the labels we use prevent us from seeing other people for who they truly are?

We are constantly bumping up against learned scripts and programs that affect the way we see ourselves in the world. Unpacking these stories can show us how our beliefs and behaviors aren't always a reflection of our authentic selves but a product of our learned experience.

We look at how cultural context, media, pop culture, and marketing create the collective experience and beliefs we uphold and about how you can stay aware of the conditioning happening around you. 

White PrivIlege Karen

understanding the culturescape

Everything is connected. Everything. Once you understand the laws of Quantum Physics and the Divine Matrix, you begin to see all aspects of your life from a different lens.

Most importantly, you can see your connection to the people around you and your responsibility to them in a different light too.

the science of connection