The Wedding Industry is Full of Shit

I’ll show you how to have a meaningful wedding that rejects social pressure and keeps you focused on what really matters: your marriage.

Unconventional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted


There are no wedding rules!

Unconventional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted

Forget Everything You Know About Weddings

Here’s the truth: the wedding industry wants easy access to your hard-earned cash.

They bully you into thinking there’s only one way to have the perfect wedding so you feel pressured to fall in step.

  • You're worried breaking tradition means you're doing it wrong
  • You feel pressured to spend a small fortune in order to do it "right"
  • You're overwhelmed because apparently there's a gazillion boxes to check - none of which actually feel like YOU

Welcome to the wedding shakedown

Since when did our generation just lay down and do what we’re told?

Since never!

Are you ready to feel:

  • Free to have exactly the kind of wedding you want, even if it looks nothing like a typical wedding?
  • More connected to your partner and the people in your life as you focus your energy on strengthening your relationships?
  • Even more in love and ready to enter your marriage feeling totally confident that you’ve built a solid foundation for a wildly-fulfilling future together?
Unconventional wedding inspiration - Bride Disrupted

Hell freaking yes!

It’s time to redefine how you will celebrate your relationship.

Wedding with Intention book review

Your advice is so refreshing!

It has already helped us immensely in the chaos of everyone’s wedding expectations. You have helped my fiancé and I remember to stick to what’s important and meaningful for US and why we are getting married in the first place!!

— Luce

Wedding with Intention book review

Game Changing!

Bride disrupted is the only wedding resource asking the consumer what they want instead of shoving the same stunning but unrealistic wedding ideas down brides throats.

It has given me permission to feel that our perfect little wedding day was more than enough.

— Heather

Bride Disrupted review

It's About Time.

I am so anti “wedding” in that it’s all a horrible consumerist soul-sucking thing that you just BUY and PAY FOR, rather than being something you curate.

Bride Disrupted is a breath of fresh air for the mindful, eco friendly, done-with-just-doing-what-we-are-told generation!

— Hayley

Former wedding planner calls BS

Karen Anne Hopkins - Bride Disrupted

Hi! I'm Karen.

Observer, storyteller, and former wedding planner.

I like to question everything.

When I accidentally became a wedding planner 9 years ago, I started to question the way we celebrate them. Keep reading.


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It's time to take back weddings

Imagine walking into your wedding feeling totally at ease and over-the-top excited.

  • You’re surrounded by all of the people you freaking adore
  • You’re doing the stuff that lights you up
  • You’re not stressing one bit about the little details

Sound good?

Your Wedding, Your Rituals

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You glide into your wedding knowing that you said “Hell No!” to all the superficial nonsense and instead planned a celebration with soul.

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Your relationship is more unique than some generic wedding planning checklist.

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