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Forget the checklists! I’ll help you discover what’s really important so you can confidently design a wedding that is meaningful, connected, and one-of-a-kind — just like you two.

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We are for weddings of all kinds, shapes and sizes.

WE support lovers of all walks of life practicing their rights and freedoms to participate within the institution of marriage — ONE that we believe is a human right.

Why can't this moment last forever?

Right now weddings are very one-size-fits all, and I think that’s bullshit

You wouldn’t plan your life from a checklist, why should your wedding be any different?

  • I’m here to empower you to design a wedding that celebrates the true essence of your relationship
  • So you can stay focused on what really matters — your marriage

Are you ready to do it your way?



Like you, I’m frustrated by the absurd pressure weddings put on couples,

And I know there’s a better way

Are you ready to feel:

  • Confident to have exactly the kind of wedding you want
  • Deeply connected to your partner and your community
  • Completely prepared to enter your marriage and build a wildly-fulfilling future, together?
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Hell freaking yes!


Ready to be guided through the exact steps for how to have an meaningful wedding with the support of a likeminded community?


Wedding Planning Un -checklist

Want to get crystal clear on what’s actually important so you can plan your wedding with ease?


One on One Coaching

Want to bypass the drama and uncertainty and get straight-up support for your wedding and relationship questions?

Enter wedding with intention

A mindful wedding planning guidebook and community to help you find your path to an authentic wedding, and stay there

What's inside:

  • Wedding With Intention ebook and audiobook
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Q&A Forum with Karen and a like-minded community
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus Workshops with new content added monthly
Wedding with Intention book review

Your advice is so refreshing!

It has already helped us immensely in the chaos of everyone’s wedding expectations. You have helped my fiancé and I remember to stick to what’s important and meaningful for US and why we are getting married in the first place!!

— Luce

Wedding with Intention book review

Game Changing!

Bride Disrupted is the only wedding resource asking the consumer what they want instead of shoving the same stunning but unrealistic wedding ideas down brides throats.

It has given me permission to feel that our perfect little wedding day was more than enough.

— Heather

Bride Disrupted review

It's About Time.

I am so anti “wedding” in that it’s all a horrible consumerist soul-sucking thing that you just BUY and PAY FOR, rather than being something you curate.

Bride Disrupted is a breath of fresh air for the mindful, eco friendly, done-with-just-doing-what-we-are-told generation!

— Hayley

Former wedding planner calls BS

Karen Anne Hopkins - Bride Disrupted

Hi! I'm Karen

Wedding & Relationship Coach

In my 5-years as wedding planner I witnessed just how messed up wedding planning really is. 

Now, I’m here to help you feel more connected to your relationships and to your true self as your navigate your wedding planning journey.

Read more.

LET’S redefine how you WILL celebrate your relationship

Imagine walking into your wedding feeling totally at ease and over-the-top excited

  • You’re looking at your partner thinking, "HF. I love you more than anything and can't wait for our life together!"
  • You’re surrounded by all of the people you freaking adore
  • You’re not stressing about the details one little bit

Sound good?

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You have the most amazing and unforgettable wedding ever and glide into married life feeling loved and excited for what’s to come!

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